Preschool Floater Teacher
at Great Beginnings Preschool
Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles, CA
posted 01/03/2018 in
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We are looking for a special floater teacher to join our team! This is an amazing learning opportunity as you will be assisting experienced teachers in their classrooms.  We are looking for a team player who is positive, responsible, patient, hard working and most importantly loves teaching and interacting with young children.   

All applicants need to have completed  at minimum the 12 core Early Childhood Education units.  Experience is a plus.

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

Great Beginnings Preschool prides itself on providing a positive and healthy work evironment.  We believe everyone should be treated with respect including our littlest students.  This is why our main focus is always to provide the most positive, loving and stimulating evironment for all our students.  Teachers are supported so they are able to provide the best experience possible to their class.

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