Marketing Manager

Global Legacy Consulting, Inc. - Savannah Savannah, GA
  • $50K - $70K Annual Salary
  • Full Time
  • Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, 401K / Retirement

The Marketing Manager will play a fundamental role in advancing the understanding and growing our brand, by developing and implementing a wide range of marketing initiatives and activities that promote the agency, the value proposition, the services, and that generate greater visibility among potential clients.

Job Description

  • Develop and implement marketing plans and programs in a variety of channels.
  • Manage web presence, including monitoring website redesign and contract developers; develop updates of content, graphics and interactive content to increase participation; ensure that content and messages align with the brand, and optimize web pages for search (SEO)
  • Evaluate the performance of web pages and periodically determine the need for improvements; Track usage and commitment using industry-standard analysis and reporting tools.
  • Make available marketing strategy and support for events, conferences, sponsorships.
  • Manage the design and production of marketing materials, including the remarking of all campus materials.
  • Develop and coordinate a digital and print advertising plan and manage relationships with suppliers.
  • Develop and use tools to measure the success of the program and make recommendations to maximize results.
  • Stay updated on new marketing tools, technologies, and digital strategy.


  • Bachelor's degree required.
  • 3+ years of proven success in the development and execution of strategic marketing plans.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong written communication and copy development and editing skills, with experience in writing for print, web, email, and digital media.
  • Experience in brand management; ability to articulate messages clearly and convincingly
  • Experience developing content for websites, social networks, print, and digital assets
  • Skills for managing expert and entrepreneurial projects that can work independently.
  • Ability to track, prioritize, and meet deadlines while performing and supervising multiple projects simultaneously and maintaining exceptional attention to detail.
  • Ability to evaluate market research and interpret analysis and data to build or adapt communication strategies around these findings.

Global Legacy Consulting is strategically placed here in Savannah, Georgia and Cleveland, Ohio. As leaders in the marketing industry, we provide innovative solutions for brand management, customer acquisition, and marketing strategies. Global Legacy Consulting services are tried, tested, and tailored. Therefore, we can provide a limitless scope to better assist companies from all industries and sectors, enabling the growth our clients require.

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