Project Coordinator

Export Portal, Inc. Glendale, CA
  • Depends on experience
  • Full Time
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Responsible for properly managing a project by controlling elements and operating them efficiently.  Also responsibility for participating in operational duties among departments.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Project Coordinator

• Participate in prioritizing projects throughout the year

• Define the scope of the project in collaboration with management

• Assemble and coordinate project with necessary departments

• Plan and schedule project deadlines

• Present project progress, problems and solutions

• Multi task several projects working in parallel

• Communicate any system issues to all department managers

• Track Project progress through appropriate tools (Jira, Smartsheets, Slack, Trello etc)

• Manage all system bugs and feature request accordance to schedule

• Must be able to communicate with others in different time-zones periodically for meetings or strategy sessions

• Remote access may be granted or expected after hours to ensure global continuity on projects

• Internal tracking through project management software is necessary and to track personal progress throughout every given day

• May be given responsibility for entire teams of people from different time zones

• Expected to listen and apply exacting detail to daily tasks from manager

• Expected to lead on certain aspects of teams, projects and other responsibilities


• Schedule immediate impactful bugs/changes accordance to the department

• Setup conference call with necessary departments and department heads, vendors, customers


• Verify the projects accuracy and comment on the task with additional instructions

• Report issues with the tasks to the Department manager and other project managers


• Participate in finding vendors, partners and varies needed contacts;

• Report issues with the tasks to the Department manager and other project managers

Daily operations:

• Participate in daily Department activities, meeting and complete daily assigned by Management tasks

• Report daily activity by the Smartsheets


• Must be able to track 30-50 different projects and all of its sub-components through project management software

• Hours flexible for international team meetings 1-4 times a month

• Must enjoy a team environment

• Must have the ability to both lead and take direction

• Candidate must be located in Southern California / Los Angeles area and able to be in the office during our work week to be considered

Thanks in advance.

The Entire Export Portal Development, Operations and Management Team


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