Entry Level Brand Representative / Marketing and Sales

AEY Inc Cranford, NJ
  • $40K - $60K Annual Salary
    + Bonuses
    + Commission
  • Full Time
  • Ask Us!
  • Employer Very Unlikely to Respond

Entry Level Brand Representative - Marketing & Sales

-AEY's recent results have not only impressed our clients, but they also have opened the doors for exponential growth! We are now the #1 Business Development firm in the Tri- State area for the energy sector, and we won't be slowing down anytime soon!

-We are currently hiring an Entry Level Brand Representative to handle our client's customer base in the Northern Jersey area. We know that our company's growth depends on the growth and advancement of our people in sales and marketing. It is the reason why our company invests in the tools and education needed to create a fun and exciting work environment that promotes personal and professional growth.

Brand Representative Responsibilities:

  • Account management and retention
  • Team and account development
  • Key liaison between client and customer
  • Client relationship building and retention

Now, onto the fun stuff, careers. We've always got our eye out for the best and brightest talent in the Northern Jersey area... so if you're a go-getter with a great attitude and you're considering working at Kirkwood, we want you to read this!

So, what are jobs like at Kirkwood?

1 - We're all about the good vibes and we're super untraditional when it comes to a lot of things. For one, it's the opposite of quiet in our office. We've got music playing (sometimes loudly!) and we have an open floor plan. No cubicles! We encourage our team to be up on their feet interacting with each other. We're an unusually energetic bunch.

2 - Micro-management is not in our game plan at AEY. We believe in empowering our team members to think and act for themselves. We give them the tools and support they need to be confident and successful -- and then we let them rock it out!

3 - We believe in giving credit where credit's due -- whether that comes in the form of bonuses, promotions, or high fives. Nothing is worse than having your hard work be overlooked -- which is why we believe in rewarding (and noticing!) when people do a great job.

4 - Speaking of which, AEY has a strict policy of never hiring an individual directly into a management position. Instead, we want our executive staff to learn our business from the ground up, and then get promoted once they earn it. We believe in leadership by example -- and that the way to create that kind of dynamic is to ensure that our managers have walked in the shoes of the people they coach.

So, now that we've given you 4 of the reasons that AEY is a great place to work in sales and marketing, you should check out some of our social media to get some visuals of the team!

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