TikiFish Overland Los Angeles, CA
  • $13.25 Hourly
  • Part Time / Full Time
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employer Fairly Likely to Respond

TikiFIsh is looking for new team members! We start at minimum wage + tips but will offer adjusted wages for those that have exceptional experience in the catergories listed below.  

Skills requried

  • Good Customer Service Skills
  • Love for Good Food
  • Attention to Detail
  • Understanding of Deadlines
  • Overall Organized and Clean Work style
  • Some Kitchen Experience

Skills that will increase your pay and position

  • Sushi Restaurant Experience
    • Knife Work
    • Raw Food handling knowledge
    • understanding of flavors
    • eye for food composition
  • Restaurant Shift Lead
    • Responsible for monitoring sales
    • Resposible for making sure employees and guests are safe and happy when an owner or manager is not available. 
    • Conflict Resolution Skills
    • Understanding of how to manage large orders for catering and office orders
  • Chef Experience
    • Kinfe Work
    • understanding of food composition
    • organized food handling and prepping skills
    • Fast and efficient

TikiFish is a Chef Driven Seafood Concept by Chef Wonny Lee and Chef Lionel Killens focused on reintroducing a mixture of Classic Japanese Technqiue with bright coastal flavors.  

Established in the summer of 2016

With the ever growing popularity of the Hawaiian Poke restaurant trend throughout California, there needed to be a group  that was going to push the limit of this food genre. By Combining the culinary experiences of multiple seasoned chefs to produce a menu with well thought out flavors, 

Tiki Fish aims to elevate the consumer experience with well thought out flavor combinations by utilizing superior product and precise technique. 

TikiFIsh is comprised of an eclectic group, with over 40 combined years of hospitality experience + over 30 years of design & branding experience in Fashion, Jewelry, and Technology.  

We aim to create a fun work environment and are able to accomodate all types of schedules. 

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