Housekeeper & Organizer
at Malibu's Maid To Order
Calabasas, CA
Calabasas, CA
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    Part Time / Full Time
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    $15.00 Hourly

If you are looking for a great job, where you work independently & in teams, work on an average 5-6 hours a day - usually 9-2-3, and get paid well - then please read on!!

In order to be a part of our team you need:

* Experienced in Cleaning & Organizing.  

* To have a great Work Ethic & References.

* Permission for me to conduct a background check beforehand.

* Have your own transportation and be willing to drive to the different areas that we service. 

Most of our Clients are in Malibu, and some in the Canyons, along with the Valley, Woodland Hills to Thousand Oaks. We will also be adding other areas soon.  

* You need to have a Cell Phone in great working order.

You will be responsible for showing up to each Client on time, to Clean and take care of what is important to them, and work within the time frame that each job allows.  Such as, if you are scheduled for 5 hours, then the job should be done within that time, and done right.

Let technology take the guesswork out of sourcing.

Once you become a part of our team, your priority is to provide excellent service!

* We screen and develop client relationships.

* We ensure that you are a good fit with each client.

* We handle marketing & accounting for the business.

* We provide all the cleaning supplies & equipment you need to succeed.

* We make sure you have all the information needed so the Clients want you back again and again.

* You join our team as an Independent Contractor, not an employee, and we provide a 1099 by February 1st, for the previous year.

* You will be given all the information at the first meeting/interview, including both the hourly rate along with a Flat rate per job.

* Serious Inquires Only!

We look forward to meeting you!!

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