Delivery Driver

Dagwoods Santa Monica, CA
  • $12.00 Hourly
    + Tips
    + Bonuses
  • Part Time
  • Health Insurance
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Dagwoods Pizza is now hiring a part-time delivery driver! Delivery drivers package orders and drive around town making people smile and filling bellies!

About 25-30 hours per week are available.

If you wince at the idea of scrubbing and sweating, please don't waste your effort sending us a resume!

Get ready to to move quickly in this fast paced environment!

A bit of advice: We receive dozens of applications. Be memorable!
Color, a joke, a quote, a photo... can't hurt!

Dagwoods Pizza has been Santa Monica's neighborhood pizzeria for 15+ years. We've just completed a remodel and business is growing! We need more hands on deck to keep up with our growing potential. This means we are looking for someone who will work hard, sweat hard, laugh hard, and kick some serious butt. We are a great bunch who have a terrific team dynamic. We believe that there is no job too small, that we will improve our lives with dedication and a good attitude, and that virtuous habits build strong character.

Dagwoods sends food to the homeless daily!

Commit yourself to a team, to a vision, and together we can make an impact on our community!

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