Venice Line Cooks

Wurstkuche Venice Los Angeles, CA
  • $14.25 Hourly
    + Tips
  • Full Time
  • Ask Us!, Employee Discounts
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

We are looking for a team member who has experience as a Line Cook and has nights and weekend availability. All kitchen positions begin with basic training as fry cooks and advance to prep cooks and grill cooks. They require 6 to 8 hours standing and intense walking, lifting 40 lbs, and good communication skills. Gratuity is shared with all hourly kitchen and service staff. Hourly compensation INCLUDES tips!


Wurstküche is a a modern beer hall serving exotic sausage sandwiches, Belgian fries with homemade dipping sauces and imported biers.

At Wurstküche our model is simple and our standards are high, we serve Sausage, Beer, and an Experience. We strive to deliver those flawlessly everyday to every guest. Simple as that may sound it takes discipline and talent. Each member of the staff is a vital part of the Wurstkuche experience & community. Your performance, attitude, and training are invaluable components of how effectively our team works together to deliver the highest level of hospitality. 


Having the right mix of people with specific positive characteristics is one of the most important keys to the success of Wurstküche. We want you to enjoy your work & to do it with pride. We aren't looking for the fastest cashiers or the best grill cooks. We are looking for individuals with an insatiable drive, killer instincts & an outstanding work ethic that will become the fastest & the best. 

It’s not how good you are, it’s how good you want to be.

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