Receptionist/Marketing Coordinator

Sustainably Yours, Santa Monica, CA
  • $17.00 Hourly
    + Bonuses
    + Commission
  • Full Time
  • Employee Discounts
  • Employer Very Likely to Respond

Alchemie is a one of a kind, high-end exclusive organic spa looking to add an exceptional FULL-TIME Receptionist/Social Media Coordinator to our team. This person will assist the Spa Director/Assistant Spa Director and will need to embrace and love Alchemie as their own. Receptionist/Social Media Coordinator will work with the current management team to run our small business with laser focus, driven by increased revenue and success. You must possess enthusiasm and passion for the industry. We are looking for someone who can start immediately. The right candidate must have open availability, including weekends and holidays. Please become familiar with our company before you apply.

Front Desk/Marketing Coordinator Requirements:

Serious applicants only. MUST meet all of the requirements to apply for this position:

✔ Minimum 2 years spa or hospitality experience in a reception roll and posses thorough knowledge of spa operations.

✔ MUST excel in a fast-paced environment and have excellent decision making skills on your feet.

✔ Exceptional customer service skills

.✔ Outstanding communication skills and ability to convert prospective customers via phone or in person into bookings/sales.

✔ Extremely organized and detail oriented person who has strong time, task and project management skills.

✔ Must be a creative thinker and excellent problem solver.

✔ Must love MARKETING. Creative sense of spa marketing to ensure a healthy continuous flow of new and existing spa guests/members.

✔ Outstanding ability to optimize business operations to ensure a smooth and progressive environment, reducing missed opportunities and creating strategies for improvement.

✔ Must be computer & tech savvy; Spa Booker knowledge is a plus


Responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

✔ Handle all day-to-day operations of the spa.

✔ All front desk operation and management including check in/outs of guests while maintaining our warm and tranquil spa atmosphere.

✔ Perform walk through of the entire spa daily to ensure cleanliness, organization, and consistency.

✔ Assist staff in dealing with any difficult and demanding guests to ensure guest satisfaction.

✔ Assist and oversee the opening and closing the spa

✔ Responsible for staff scheduling and assisting staff with any modifications to scheduling when needed.

✔ Update schedules daily to ensure proper staffing based on business demands. Our Front Desk Coordinator will always be thinking ahead to eliminate scheduling conflicts.

✔ Evaluates spa staff to assure that staff levels meet spa needs, there is a high degree of motivation and retention of current staff, and high standards of quality are maintained in the spa.

✔ Inventory retail products and supplies to ensure spa is stocked with all supplies needed to run on a daily basis.

✔ Must be available for all shifts, including weekends and holidays

If you are the kind of person who has a positive, winning attitude and is passionate about amazing customer service, has a proven track record of spa operations, does not like to settle for mediocrity and is always achieving to be the best at what you do, then we want you!

Please follow these instructions carefully in order to ensure that your resume is received by us. Email us your resume, cover letter and a brief statement on why are you the perfect Receptionist/Marketing Coordinator for Alchemie. We kindly ask that you refrain from calls. www.alchemiespa.com

What sets us apart?

At Alchemie, social and environmental responsibility are two of our core values. We choose recycled, renewable, and sustainable resources in the design of our eco-friendly modern space. We use the highest quality vegan and natural products whenever possible. Organically inspired by nature and the Southern California coastal lifestyle, we alchemized the natural elements-fire, water, earth, wood, and metal to create a sanctuary for beauty rituals and healing. Going green never looked so good.


Using California native succulent plants. Succulents require less water and we only use organic soil.


Cork, Sea Grass, recycled wood, and coconut fiber walls.


Cork is a natural flooring material used for the hallway ramp. It is used as an accent wall feature in each treatment room, and also acts as a feature with sound insulation. It is obtained from the outer bark, and can be harvested sustainably without killing the tree. Cork regenerates in about 10 years.


100% post industrial recycled hardwood composed mainly of scraps from the furniture industry. These scraps are then layered, infused with a VOC-free resin and then cold pressed for an extremely unique and 100% environmentally friendly product.


Low and voc-free paint contribute to a healthy interior environment.


Strand Woven Bamboo is a highly renewable resource that produces 35% more oxygen than trees. Bamboo reaches maturity in four years and when harvested. it does not require replanting. As a feature, its exotic beauty combines exquisitely with its supreme durability.


A five-step water filtration system filters hard water throughout the spa. Additionally, a reverse osmosis water filtration system provides alkaline water to eliminate single-use plastic bottles. Tank-less water heater makes sure water is heated based on demand, which saves energy and space. Low-flow fixtures reduce water usages in toilet flushing.


LED lights and natural lighting for retail area saves energy consumption. Dimmers on all switches.


Alchemie plants one tree each month to support reforestation efforts with treepeople.org, a local organization that helps to plant trees in local Santa Monica mountains.


Honoring our boutique green spa philosophy, we eliminated traditional environmentally unfriendly amenities and pass the savings to clients. All our guests can enjoy a highly detoxifying infrared sauna at an additional fee.


  • Recycled post consumer paper is used for packaging and retail.
  • We encourage emailing guest receipts instead of printing paper receipts.
  • Reusing gift cards.
  • Recycle program for trash.
  • High efficiency washer reduces water consumption for laundry.
  • We only use Hypoallergenic, non-toxic laundry detergents, soaps, and cleaning supplies.
  • We only use skincare products that are made in the USA, organic and cruelty free, and vegan whenever possible.  We work exclusively with skincare lines that have an environmental mission as well as source fair trade ingredients from indigenous extracts to heal and nurture the skin, our largest organ.
  • Guests use mason jars to drink filtered water.
  • Staff are encouraged to bike or carpool to work.


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